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The natural strength of good cocoa

Our chocolate is made of the queen of cocoa beans: Criollo. This indigenous cocoa bean is specially processed for us at low temperatures. By doing it this way, the cocoa is still chock full of good nutrients, which would have otherwise been lost if we had heated the cocoa.

Think of antioxidants, various minerals like magnesium, iron, zinc and chromium but also omega-6 fatty acids and various vitamins.

Healthy chocolate?

Ever since the beginning of human existence, we have been getting our food from nature. How can it be then that today's produced food, especially snacks, have almost nothing to do with nature anymore?

Ridiculously Good is your daily healthy chocolate moment. Real raw chocolate, made from the best cocoa beans from Peru (Criollo) with delicious fillings, available in six different flavors.

100% organic, free from refined sugar, gluten, dairy (lactose), soy and unnecessary chemical additives. As it should be...
All natural!

Criollo cacao

Foil 4 Soil

Our raw chocolate is organic and sustainable, so it is only normal that we should also use decomposable packaging for our special chocolates. Our happy paper-cardboard packaging is printed in the Netherlands and is made of paper from FSC-approved plantations.

In addition, our sealing foil, in which Ridiculously Good is packed, is 100% compostable. It is made of wood pulp (cellulose), so if it ends up on the street, we certainly know it won't stay around for long. We love Earth!

Have a Ridiculously Good day!

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