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Classy Cookiedough

Classy Cookie Dough


The classic, reinvented

Did someone say cookie dough?! A classic combination with a ridiculously good new look! Our new pride. We can't stop licking the whisk!

All you need is love... or cookie dough!

Who knew something so amazing as healthy cookie dough could exist? Classy Cookie Dough will take you back to your childhood, when stealing bits of cookie dough from the mixer was so much fun.

When you bite into this chocolate, you can feel that giddy excitement, without the guilt! Score!

What Can I Say?

Natures sweetest candy: Dates

Dates are a great source of natural fibre, ensuring a healthy digestion. They are also stock full of potassium, copper, and magnesium. This means that eating dates helps with a balanced diet.

Most importantly, they are so deliciously and naturally sweet!

Powerful Peru: Lucuma

Lucuma is a highly nutricious fruit and traces its origins back to Peru, where the Incas have long believed it to be a symbol of fertility. We can thank Peru for yet another superfood!

High in nutrients like iron and beta carotene, lucuma has a natural sweet taste that gives our chocolate that extra bit of flavor.

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Have a Ridiculously Good day!

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